Service, Maintenance, Repair, Upgrades and Training

We assume the responsibility for your passengers and material.

The running of a rail route network needs experience and know-how. The availablity of the track can only be guaranteed if a professional team is involved and undertakes a continues material-planning concerning spare and maintenance concepts. Out skilled service team assists you in order to get the right parts available for your track and do get your components maintained and replaced in time. Due to our motto"one company - one solution", you will receive all you need by one company.

Our programm concerning maintenance, repair and upgrade:

  • Our service team takes care about your route network by providing continues inspections, spare-part and repair service
  • we inspect and repair your components in our factory in Hagen a. T. W.
  • we organise your spare parts and do the warehousing for your rout network – transparent and efficient
  • We support you with all spares you need
  • by reengineering we help you to solve your obsolescense issues
  • Our help desk support you at urgent topics. Furthermore you can benefit by a selection of different training programs for your service team.

Inspection and maintenance

We can coordinate and carry out all inspection and repair tasks for your route network


We offer you the complete inspection and maintenance service with documented inspection and test reports. The process is tracked by our SAP-system. So you can monitor the status of your component.

We offer you inspection, maintenance, repair and upgrade of:

  • electromechanical components and signals
  • point machines
  • mechanical components

Lichtsperrsignale (LS)-Signalinstandsetzung

Inspection and Repair of electric motors

Electric motors and generators are an integral part of trains and point machines. We inspect your electric motors and repair them with our professional technicians. You receive back a state of the art electric motor/generator with warranty for the next decades.


Instandgesetzte Antriebe vor dem Pruefstandstest

Ersatzteilkits für verschiedene Systeme auf Lager

Instandsetzung von Schrankenantrieben


You can benefit by our long term experience of more than 60 years. Even there are obsolete parts or old-fashioned system we can repair or replace them.

Our offer regarding training:

  • Related to real situation defined trainings
  • professional support for each occuring question regarding components and systems


Our service technicians will solve your tasks, since they are supported by their experienced back-office and production unit.

We deliver different kinds of spares:

  • sheet metal forming parts
  • welded assemblies of Steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys
  • glass fiber reinforced parts
  • drilled and milled parts
  • assembled components
  • electro-mechanics
  • we deliver direct to the construction side

We are your expert for obsolete components and reengineering

You benefit by our own design-department and our deep in-house production depth.