wagon-and vehicle components

We offer a great variety of components for railway vehicles and busses. We offer you assemblies made of different material commodities. You receive your component assembled and tested just in time.

We offer customized solutions.

Chassis, damper-components, coupling-components

For your rolling stock fleet we deliver a variety of spares and components. You can choose from different parts up to 5t weight.

some examples of chassis and damper components

  • air suspension components
  • brake-rods and steering components butt-welded
  • coupling-housing
  • tankraks
  • railway-scraper
  • chassis-elements
  • bogies
  • plates
  • connectors
  • bogie-components

Wagon and compartment components

glassfibre reinforced components or stainless elements – we have your parts for the passenger compartments

some examples for different rolling stock components:

  • glass fibre reeinforced coverage
  • interior components
  • seat-rails
  • brackets
  • door-components

Wagon and vehicle parts

Even small or big and heavy components you can order at Friedrich Hippe.

some more examples for rolling stock parts:

  • customized containers for A/C; electronics- sealed and tested etc.
  • sub-vehicle containers
  • side-flaps
  • stakes
  • brake-elements
  • pull rods
  • driver's cab